2016 Madagascar

Just packing and preparing to leave for another time on the ship .  Can’t seem to locate my yellow fever card for my passport!! I know it’s in a safe place.



Home Sweet Home

Bed now…..Thanks to everyone for reading my blog, your support and prayers mean a lot ❤️

May 7/17

Ready to disembark , quite a process but it’s done!! Papers signed, evaluations done, bank account closed , cabin inspected, bed stripped,now just to get my psssport on my way off the ship!  Will go to supper early to see friends off, they are leaving on an earlier flight, church is at 1900, then leave the ship at 2030.  They have us there 3 hours in advance!

Last night we had an African fashion show.  There are several tailors on board so people go to the market, buy fabric and then get it made into outfits.  Will post some pics of the evening.

Eatlier in the afternoon, my Alberta friend and I got to go up to the bridge, I think it’s the only place on the ship I haven’t seen!  Will post some pics of that too, hopefully!

Thoughts and Pics

went on an engine room tour Tues. night, it was absolutely amazing to see way down below in the ship: the engines, water treatment system,sewage treatment plant, incinerator for hospital waste, gas storage, oil, air conditioning systems etc.

To end it we climbed up inside the blue funnel, the view was incredible !!!  ( knees still hurting)

This is my friend from Ghana!!!

May 5, Friday

Well today was my last day in the OR, feeling kind of emotional tonight, I know I’m tired, missing home etc.  but it was so worth it, feel like I could cry!!! At supper I was eating with a new friend from Ghana,  she lives in Cotonou and works on the ship as a day crew worker, preparing food for the hospital.  She is so on fire for God, her eyes just sparkle!!!  Her boss joined us, she is the dietian on board, has worked in Benin the last 4 years with another mission.  Anyways, she was telling us she had just gotten back from driving s patient home, young gal , age 33 had one of those huge jaw tumors, Dr. Gary operated on it and she is so happy!!! And so turned on for Jesus, she told people in her village her story and many have become believers!!  Previuosly, this gal had been shunned and set aside to die.  I felt privileged to hear about the rest of the story as we only see the O R part.

So this week I was in general doing humungus inguinal hernias ( huge scrotal bulges), you can’t imagine how big. These poor men!!  Yesterday I was in PACU briefly and one was blowing me kisses to thank me, very touching.  They are so appreciative!!! Makes it all worth it!!!

May 2/17

There is going to be a live interview today with Facebook with Dr. Brian Barki, head of anaesthesia . Just go to Mercy Ships on Facebook plus I will share it to those of you who are friends with me on Facebook.

It is happening right now !!! Watched it being filmed, not sure when it will be on FB!!